Working on a Full-stack self-paced course

So lately I have tried to get back to coding and I decided to try FreeCodeCamp while also working on a JavaScript course among others on CodeAcademy. While I enjoy CodeAcademy easy of usage, I prefer FreeCodeCamp as it has a defined path and plenty of support.

The whole course is about 1,600 hours where you learn the basics and get plenty of practice before you can work on nonprofit projects solving real life problems for real companies. You do not get paid for it but it will help you build a portfolio which in some cases will be better than a regular bootcamp where they will try to cram the same information in a few months or weeks and then only have one project instead of three or more from FreeCodeCamp.


At the moment it is still too early for me to give more insight as I have only been using it for seven days. Yes, I have a seven-day streak. I find that very motivating, I am trying to continue the streak until I complete the whole course.



The new year

Happy new years everyone. I have been absent for a while now. There is so much I want to get done, yet not everything is set for this year’s scope.

  • I’m planning on consistently work on my health and fitness level. Be it at the gym or anywhere else. I have worked on that off and on for the past few months already.
  • Again, language. I want to make significant progress on my German learning, I have joined meetup groups, and started to use the Michel Thomas method, I’m also giving Duolingo another chance, mainly for vocabulary and the best part is that I have some new and used books to aid with my German learning, after all working with screens all the time is not the best, I like writing and I think it helps learn better.
  • I will be more social in person, I have yet to go to any of the meetings but that is already a work in progress as I plan on mixing it with language learning.
  • I want to get a stable job, with a better income and related to my degree (Computer Science), I still like working from my computer but freelancing is not as stable though.
  • Between now and before I turn 30 I want to have place for me and my son with a stable good income already.

So, if you think you can help with any of that then contact me.


I have been busy at oDesk doing small jobs and trying to get bigger projects. I have updated my site. Added my CV, I probably need to work more on it. I also added some small content on other pages. Feel free to explore and find them.

My books were doing okay, most of the downloads were from the free promotion but at least they are getting some reads.


As for my adventure at my start-up it is going very slow. However, I’m not giving up on that project. In fact, I will be dedicating more time to finish and improve the project’s website.

I have some ideas for big projects in the are of literature writing. It would based on one aspect of my life and probably some fiction to make it more into a novel than just drama.

Self Publishing with Amazon: My Experience so Far.

Some of you might remember that I started publishing with amazon not long ago this year. Well my experience so far has been interesting when you mix it with my other projects.

My best-selling book, which is in fact the one that sold the most during the past promotion that I have is about mathematics and the Chinese contribution to it. Even before promotion I was able to sell a couple of copies. While that made me happy, I was still unable to get any feedback on it, could it be that the book is bad and no one wants to say anything about it? or people just can’t be bothered to post a review unless they have something to complaint about?

The has also been the case where my second book was purchased and later returned. My first though was they didn’t like it, but there was also no review. Could it be a loophole into reading paid books for free? Either way, my second book is about sexual education in the U.S. and the contrast in with the rest of the world. All my books are non-fiction for now.

The third book is very special to me as it has personal information about me since the source for me choosing the topic was the mother of my child and thus Childhood Sexual Abuse: Long term effects on female victims was written. I also went as far as to create a print version of the book. I’m glad to report that I sold one copy of the kindle version and so far it has not been returned.

Either way, I guess if i want to promote my books I should aim somewhere outside my blog, where more people are, but for now I’m taking the opportunity to learn from this experience and not go to hire people to post reviews as I see everyday at odesk, and other sites for freelancers. As a freelancer i say it is fair work, but as an amateur writer and fellow reader it is fraud.

So what other options do I have? Have you read any of my books? if so, what do you think? Feel free to leave comments. I’m really looking for feedback here.

Childhood Sexual Abuse, my latest book on the sex ed field

While I was hesitating on publishing this work since it has some personal information about not just me but someone who used was close to me I decided to publish it as her identity is not revealed.


As the title says this book is about childhood sexual abuse, but not just any type, the focus is  the long-lasting effects that it has on women and end up shaping the woman they will become as they grow up. Often times, when they don’t get help, it can get really bad as I have experience personally. If you know someone who suffered from sexual abuse on her early years or someone in a relationship with one of them, then you might want to read the book. This is not fiction, it is a research paper and I cited my sources, so feel free to leave a review or mail me feedback if you prefer about it.


The link to the book is here.


The feature image was from wikipedia.


A study funded by the USA National Institute of Drug Abuse found that “Among more than 1,400 adult females, childhood sexual abuse was associated with increased likelihood of drug dependence, alcohol dependence, and psychiatric disorders. The associations are expressed as odds ratios: for example, women who experienced nongenital sexual abuse in childhood were 2.83 times more likely to suffer drug dependence as adults than were women who were not abused.”[38]