Language Learning

Something people wont able to tell since I normally don’t speak much is that I love languages. English has become my least favorite because I was in a way forced to learned it when I came to this country. However, I really want to learn as many languages as I can. I do not aim for “native” level, but proficiency. I do not mind having an accent.

I consume multimedia in various languages and while everyone dreams about it, I would like to see the world. So why not also be able to communicate in the native tongue of the locals? At least as many as I can learn.

Here is a list of my German Resources that I have come to find online and use from time to time.



Learn German:


  • Free online Software:

    1. Duolingo Learn as if you are playing a game.
    2. Memrise Very good to help you memorize vocabulary.
    3. Mango Languages If you have a public library account, you can get the services for free.
  • Flash Card like software:

    1. Quizlet  Create your flashcards and learn them with many interactive options.
    2. LingQ   You get a text, mark all the words you don’t know and they become flash cards that you learn.
  • Conversation Exchange Site:

    • Chat with others.
    • If you speak Spanish, then check this course.
  • Online Resources:

    • Alison for free basic German course.
    • BBC German Resources.

Polyglot Resources for Multiple languages.

Here are some resources I have found about Polyglots and how to become one, or read/ listen/ watch about them.


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